February 24, 2011


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My First Sale!
OK, I don't use the term very often, but OMG! I had my first sale today and I hadn't even realized I started! I actually put a few pairs of earrings up on my free Basic ArtFire studio a few days ago, created a quick and dirty banner for it, and tried to start familiarizing myself with how things work there. I asked my husband and my sister to take a look at it just for some feedback. My husband wanted to tell everyone right away, but I said, "I only have four things on there! I'm not ready!!"

So he held back and I've been frantically trying to purchase more supplies. This week has been busy with other extracurricular activities so I haven't had much creation time. I made 1/4 of a necklace on Monday, but that's not really getting me anywhere!

So today my sister posts my studio link on her Facebook, and one of her awesome friends bought a pair of my earrings! Woohoo! Oh, but wait. I haven't figured out my packaging yet. What am I going to put the earrings in? It has to be pretty, and unique. I want the buyer to feel like she bought herself a little gift. I also wish I actually had a solid logo figured out. Business cards would be nice. So would a custom rubber stamp. But I want to get her earrings in the mail ASAP! I guess tomorrow will be an interesting day of figuring out something cool for my packaging in a pinch. Then I need to really sit down and thing about what I need to order!

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