April 23, 2011

Vintage Graphics Goodness

I really love old and vintage images, because they often have a detail and aesthetic that is not found much in modern print. I'm often inspired by vintage images, and I stumbled across an amazing source of free images - Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

A great example of some of the graphics you can find on Karen's blog is this adorable nest: *The Graphics Fairy*: Vintage Clip Art - Gorgeous Nest with Eggs & Ivy

She sometimes generates a few different versions of the graphics, perfect for use in craft projects!

The Graphics Fairy also has a page of blog backgrounds for use in Blogger - and they are free! I've used one as my blog background, which I love.

Recently, Karen added two more blogs to her world: one for DIY projects and other for crafts others have created, all using the graphics that she has posted on her site. Absolutely wonderful stuff here, and so inspiring. I have a long list of images I can't wait to find the time to use!

April 22, 2011

Home Decor from Your Recycling Bin

In the spirit of Earth Day, I found this blog post with a great DIY on how to make some cool decor accessories out of stuff you can find in your recycling bin. I love figuring out how to make really cool (and super expensive) things that I see but can't afford.

The Evolution of Home: Ballard Designs Knockoff Pears Big Enough To Choke...

Now I just need to save up some plastic bottles, considering that the recycling just went out last night...

Oh yeah, and an actual house of my own to decorate would be nice, too!

April 2, 2011

It's a Match!

I finally finished the project I was working on, took photos, and edited them. This is the first matching set that I've made with chandelier style crystals. I didn't have a plan for the rose colored crystals when I bought them, they just looked pretty, and I like using acrylic crystals because they are lightweight. You can use more crystals in one piece because they won't be heavy or uncomfortable, and they are especially good for earrings.

When I received the aqua Czech glass beads, I had one of those light bulb moments, and I knew I would be using them with the rose crystals. I decided that I wanted to create a cluster pendant as the focal point of the necklace instead of using the crystals as the focal point. I wire wrapped everything for a secure finish. The earrings were a given when I decided I only wanted to use six crystals in the necklace. Here they are!

handmade crystal earrings, rose, pink, aqua

handmade crystal earrings, rose, pink, aqua

handmade matching rose crystal earrings and necklace

handmade rose chandelier crystal necklace

handmade rose chandelier crystal necklace

handmade rose chandelier crystal necklace