April 23, 2011

Vintage Graphics Goodness

I really love old and vintage images, because they often have a detail and aesthetic that is not found much in modern print. I'm often inspired by vintage images, and I stumbled across an amazing source of free images - Karen at The Graphics Fairy.

A great example of some of the graphics you can find on Karen's blog is this adorable nest: *The Graphics Fairy*: Vintage Clip Art - Gorgeous Nest with Eggs & Ivy

She sometimes generates a few different versions of the graphics, perfect for use in craft projects!

The Graphics Fairy also has a page of blog backgrounds for use in Blogger - and they are free! I've used one as my blog background, which I love.

Recently, Karen added two more blogs to her world: one for DIY projects and other for crafts others have created, all using the graphics that she has posted on her site. Absolutely wonderful stuff here, and so inspiring. I have a long list of images I can't wait to find the time to use!

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